Come Back Challenge


Come Back Challenge!

8Wk weight loss challenge to help you get back on track after Covid-19 staying home gains.

Starting Monday the 8th of June!

What’s Included You Say?:

+ Home workout program built for weight loss and strength gains

+ Online training portal, powered by our new software Teambuildr

  • Through Teambuildr you will see your workouts daily
  • Input your reps and sets
  • Communicate with your coaches
  • Upload videos if needed to check your form
  • Science tracking (simple questions to answer on your workout days)
  • All workouts contain video examples for technique
  • Downloadable App to track and complete your workouts wherever you may be.

+ 8wk healthy eating guide to help you get back on track.

+ 3x Outdoor group classes included per week.

+ Constant support from the team at Mayhem Fitness.

+ Access to the Group Chat to help encourage each other.

+ Weigh-in the comfort of your home on Monday the 8th June.


Winner based on highest body fat % weight loss (going by % loss makes it fair and even for all who sign up)

The winner receives a complete refund!

Second Place receives one-month FREE attendance to group classes once the studio is back up and running.

Work hard and be at your best.

We have missed you all dearly and can’t wait to help everyone get out of the house.

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