Mayhem Clients 6wk Bootcamp Challenge


22nd of Feb 2022

Bootcamp Challenge!

Do you miss the old days of bootcamp?

Do you want to get outdoors and become fitter than ever before?

Do you want to work off all those holiday kilos?

Then this Bootcamp challenge is for you!

What’s Included:

⭐️WINNER Takes Home⭐️
💕A Brand New Pair of Apple AirPods!
💕 Runner Up 3x Personal Training Sessions
– 5x  Bootcamp sessions per week
– 2x on a Tuesday, 2x Thursday, and 1x Saturday
– Big final session at the end
– Fitness Testing
– Full support from the Mayhem Team
– Free home workouts
– Personalised Calories and Macros
– $90 for Mayhem Clients
– $150 for New Clients
Winners based on most improved fitness test results.

Challenge Entry closes at 9 pm Monday 21st of February

First session Tuesday 6am 22nd of February

For Direct Debit Options/Payment Plan Please Email

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