Loose 10kg in 10wks



10kg Weightless Challenge

10-10-10-10 (10th day – 10th month- 10weeks – 10kg)

Starting on the 10th October for 10wks to lose 10kg. Weigh-in is on 10th October.

The Price is $200 but every KG you lose up to 10kg you get $20 back. The aim is try and loose 10kg so you get all your money back!!

You will Receive:

  • A full customised program tailored to you, either, a home style or a gym style program. (12weeks to ensure you maintain it after the challenge)
  • Healthy Eating Guide
  • Discount 6wk Bootcamp starting the 18th of October for only $100 (if you choose to do so)
  • Myfitness pal App food tracking and recommendations
  • 10wks full support

At the end of the 10wks we will weigh in again to see how much you have lost then transfer $20 per kg you have lost back into your account.

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  1. Rachel Gower

    Wanting to join 10wk challenge

  2. Rachel Gower

    Wanting to join 10week challenge

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